Along with the rise and fall of the background Dong Quoc Hung Co., Ltd is confident of being a unit specializing in furniture with high and stable growth for many years. This is the result of the synergy of all employees, and the support of business partners.

With the trend of integration of Vietnam economy into the world economy, enterprises are always facing new challenges and opportunities. Dong Quoc Hung Co., Ltd is always a reliable partner in the wood processing and wood processing industry – providing quality wood inputs at the best prices in the market. At present, we have imported wood from New Zealand, USA, France, Chile … such as pine, oak, chopped dog, and dogwood. Su, nacre …. Boldly invest system 20 modern steam oven, operated by experienced technicians, so partners and customers always peace of mind, trust the quality of wood. Humidity, warping …

In addition to exploiting the wood business, over the past three years, the company has launched Dong Quoc Hung Furniture Center with many unique design products, high aesthetic, factory prices. Coming up from a small factory, Dong Quoc Hung Co., Ltd, with an area of ​​15,000 m2 and more than 350 skilled workers; The products that the company has created many imprints in the project projects at home and abroad; Help people live comfortably, comfortably and happily in their own space.

Dong Quoc Hung Co., Ltd has many community programs to help workers improve their production skills and help them to settle down their lives for a long time. long.
Long term credit, we always have preferential policies and looking for goodwill partners. Come to Dong Quoc Hung Co., Ltd to feel not only the difference in quality, design but also the perfect human service management system.